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About the Department

Year of Establishment UG course: 2007

Year of Establishment PG Course: 2012

The Department of English, the first among the departments to be instituted at Noorul Islam College of Arts & Science in 2001extended its academic support to other departments by offering general language course to students enrolled in various subjects.  The department started its journey at full stretch with the introduction of BA English with Computer Application and BA English in 2009.From a modest beginning with 5 teachers and 32 students, the department has evolved significantly over the following decade and started post graduate course in 2012.                       The department aims to promote and produce students with a spirit of debate and inquiry in necessary for understanding the strengths and the challenges of doing humanities in our times.

Our Motto

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

Our Vision

·                  To educate the students with a love of learning and an appreciation of liberal education.

·         To enhance and foster the students to speak, read and write effectively in English.

Our Mission

·         The department of English strengthens the value of students by offering rigorous and comprehensive study of language and literature.

·         To lead our students to have involvement in society as a responsible citizen.

·         To promote interest and to acquire knowledge about the literature written in English at different historical periods around the world

University Rank Holders so far

Rebecca Manohar -1 Rank- 2012 (part II)

Fathima Sharitha N -2 Rank-2012(part II)

Antony Jerisha-14 Rank-2013(Major)

Karthika M.V- 2 Rank -2014 (Part II)

SangeethaM.K. 10 Rank-2014 (part-II)

Fajeela Fahmitha-12 Rank-2014 (part-II)

Karthika M.V- 8 Rank -2014 (Major)

Saima-1 Rank -2015(Part II)

Fathima Mushrifa-9 Rank -2015(Part II)

Madhu Bala -15 Rank -2015 (Part II)

Soumiya R.A- 5 Rank -2015 (Major)

Babija F.A- 11 Rank- 2015(Major)

S.Shafrina- 2016(Part –II)

Adlin Jenisha-2016(Major)

Shamya -2017

Mrinalini Anand-2017

K.M.Anjali -5 rank-2017 (PG)

Kavya Prasad -2018 (Part II)


Anies Fathima F A- 2 rank -2018(PG)

Siyana .S.Sajan –-3 rd Rank – 2019 (Major)

Naurin Nasser _ -5rd Rank-2019 (Part II)

Shabeela Iqbal- 5 rank -2019 (PG)



BA English

Programme  Outcome

 Literature courses in the department of English expose students to a wide range of writing from around the world. It helps students explore how writers  use the creative resources of language-in fiction, poetry, nonfiction  and drama-to explore the entire range of human thought and emotion. It instills a critical perspective with which students approach the disciplines. Usage of English  language as a means of creative expression, will make the students as effective thinkers and communicators — qualities which are crucial for choosing careers in our information-intensive society.

Programme  Specific Outcome

·         Students use language as a means of creative expression which will make them effective thinkers and excellent communicators.

·         By reading best literary traditions of the world students become more empathetic towards the plights of others and they probe in to the aesthetic merits of popular fictions.

The students will be ignited enough to think and act over for the solution of various issues prevailed in the human life to make this world better than ever.

     M.A English
  PG programme outcomes

  • English Language Teaching Comprehended different methods of teaching and testing English language and acquainted with psychology of learning and applying it to the classroom situations.
  • By learning various literary theories students gain a critical insight about text and reality.
  • Enabled students to select,organize and define appropriate research problem and parameters.
  • Comprehend the impact of political and social changes on the English language and motivated the students to take up advanced studies in the field of linguistics and stylistics.
  • Developed a spirit of critical and scholarly enquiry for the subject. Students organized and formatted their ideas in to a dissertation as per the MLA Handbook 8 edition.

Other Activities

                                                                                                                                                                               Achievement and awards by students

·                 From 2009-2021 students of Department of English have received meritorious recognition in Literary Fest from various colleges in Kanya Kumari and Tirunelveli districts.

·         Our students participated and won various prizes at sports meet in university level.

·         Shakespeare Institute of English at Chennai used to conduct a proficiency test for students and our students were awarded several prizes at different levels.


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