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Parents Teachers Association

The Parent Teacher Association of the college was functioning in the college since its inception, however; it was formally inaugurated in the year July, 2008. The Principal and staff members of the college hold regular meetings with the parents regarding the issues of their wards. The primary aim of the association is to have a frequent interaction with the parents about their grievances and prospects of their wards and also to ensure the smooth functioning and development of the college. An endowment was created from Parent Teacher Association to honour the best outgoing Post Graduate student of the college.

The office bearers of the Parents-Teachers Association are as  follows :-

            Chairman -      Dr. R.  Marimuthu,  Principal
            Convener -      Dr. R.P.  Dhanya, Head, Dept. of Microbiology
               Dr. Ciby. S. Kumar       -   Head, Dept of Visual Communications
               Mrs.  T. Mabel              -   Assistant P,rof  Dept. of Information Technology
               Mrs.  T. Sheeba            -   Assistant P,rof.  Dept. of Microbiology
               Mrs. T.D.Jeba Freeda   -   Assistant Prof.,  Dept. of Computer Science

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