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National Service Scheme

The NSS aims at providing opportunities to the students to serve the society so as to make the members develop into better citizens.  The regular activities of the NSS include Orientation Programmes as well as fieldwork.  The Orientation programmers are spread over four Semesters covering the topics like National Integration, Rural Development, Planting trees, Lab-to-land technology, theatre arts, evils of dowry system, awareness on rain water harvesting, etc.
The college has Three unit of the National Service Scheme enrolments of students from the degree classes are done on voluntary basis. Every year 7 days of special camp activities are conducted focusing on a social theme.
      Programme Officers:                              
             Dr. J. Babudhas      :      Unit No.203
             Dr. N .Siva Kumar   :      Unit No.138
             Dr. S. Poornima      :      Unit No.165

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