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I welcome you to explore the Department of Chemistry at Noorul Islam College of Arts & Science. Department of Chemistry was established in 2017 under the guidance of Prof. T.Shining Vinil Priya (Head of the Dept). Outside the classroom, undergraduates and graduate students a like participate in ground-breaking research in chemical synthesis and catalysis, biochemistry and chemical biology, energy and sustainability, theoretical and computational chemistry, and materials chemistry and nanoscience.  We promote the vigorous exchange of ideas in the lab and in the classroom, the free pursuit of scientific knowledge, and creativity in posing and solving problems, all within an environment that is respectful and collegial to all members of the department: students, staff, and faculty. The Department is committed to addressing some of society's most pressing challenges and disseminating knowledge to the broader scientific community and the public. The department is intentional in its efforts to recruit diverse faculty and students and continually works to maintain and promote an inclusive environment.


         Improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry


  • To graduate chemists and biochemists who are:
  • Prepared for entrance into top-rated graduate and professional schools
  • Prepared for entry-level positions in chemical industry and other chemistry-related fields capable of becoming responsible, successful professionals and leaders in their chosen fields.


1.      To contribute to the preparation of students in other science disciplines for their careers.

2.      To contribute to the improvement of scientific and technological literacy, and the development of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills of all students as preparation for the world of work and responsible citizenship.

3.      To attract well-qualified students, graduate 10-12 students per year, half as chemistry majors, with 60% of those graduates entering graduate or professional schools, including some of the top schools/programs in the country.

Educational Goals

To develop the department in aspect of education , research and development of basic technology in chemical science. Development of best resource for student and researchers. Utilization of excellent facilities for students.


1.      Provide chemistry majors with a strong background in the five major sub-disciplines of chemistry – organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical chemistry and nano chemistry – with up-to-date coursework in each area.

2.      Provide students with relevant laboratory and research experiences designed to deepen their understanding of chemical principles, while simultaneously teaching students safe, responsible laboratory practices.

3.      Demonstrate the use of modern technology in chemistry by giving students direct, hands-on experiences with up-to-date instrumentation, computer software, and methods of information retrieval, both in coursework and in the laboratory setting.

4.      Provide students with opportunities, through regular coursework and research experiences, to practice active learning and develop their critical thinking, communication, and technical skills.

5.      Provide opportunities for students to become familiar with the chemical professions and professional activities of practicing chemists .

6.      Provide students with a more holistic view of chemistry through emphasis on its interdisciplinary nature by using specific examples to illustrate connections between chemistry and other science areas and the liberal arts.

Laboratory Skills

·         Design and conduct experiments

·         Analyze experimental data

·         Assess chemical safety issues

·         Perform both quantitative and qualitative analysis

·         Synthesize chemical products

·         Purify chemicals

·         Separate chemicals via chromatography and other means

·         Use instrumentation to collect and interpret data

·         Use instrumentation to perform both quantitative and qualitative analysis

·         Use instrumentation for the separation of chemicals

·         Analyze samples via spectroscopic methods

·         Perform electrochemical experiments

·         Prepare samples for instrumental analysis 



             The purpose of the Under Graduate Chemistry program course  is to provide the key knowledge base and laboratory resources to prepare students for careers as professionals in the field of chemistry, for graduate study in chemistry, biological chemistry and related fields, and for professional school including medical, dental, law and business programs.

  • ·         An understanding of major concepts, theoretical principles and experimental findings in chemistry.
  • ·         An ability to work effectively in diverse teams in both classroom and laboratory.
  • ·         An ability to employ critical thinking and efficient problem-solving skills      in the four basic areas of chemistry (inorganic , organic, physical and analytical).
  • ·         An ability to conduct experiments, analyze data, and interpret results, while observing responsible and ethical scientific conduct.
  • ·         Effective written and oral communication skills, especially the ability to transmit complex technical information in a clear and concise manner.
  • ·         The ability to use modern instrumentation for chemical analysis and separation.
  • ·         The ability to use computers for chemical simulation and computation.
  • ·         A familiarity with, and application of safety and chemical hygiene regulations and practices.
  • ·         An ability to gain entry into professional schools, graduate programs, or the job market.



              To enable the students to acquire the quantitative skills in volumetric analysis.


             Handle and use different organic and inorganic reagents.  Set up organic and inorganic reactions and characterize products using spectroscopic techniques. Know the preparation, purification and characterization of different organic and inorganic compounds. To enable the students to understand various procedures in salt analysis.


          To be familiar with experimental techniques for controlling chemical reactions. Measure various physical and chemical properties of materials and the kinetics of a chemical reaction .Record and interpret the UV -Vis and IR spectra for structural analysis and kinetic studies. Development of experimental skills on conductivity meter, potentiometer,and pH meter for different applications

Other Activities


i)The  Students of II B.Sc. Chemistry Participated Kabadi tournament held at Manonmaniam Sundaranar university,Tirunelveli.


i) The students of II B.Sc.& III B.Sc. Chemistry attended an  International conference on “Frontiers in analytical and clinical Techniques”(INFACT 2019) at Noorul islam center for higher education, Kumaracoil.

ii) The students of III B.Sc. Chemistry visited “Ben Aqua Products‘’at Thiruvananthapuram on Jan2019

iii) The students of II B.Sc. and III B.Sc. Chemistry Visited “Bench Mark Tea Factory” at Ooty on Jan2020.


i)The students of I B.Sc.  Chemistry Participated “Kolam competition” in our college on Jan 2020


i)The students of I B.Sc.  and II B.Sc.  Chemistry Participated “Science Trek 2019” in our college on Feb2019. Bismi .A of II Bsc Chemistry  won First prize .


i)The students of III B.Sc.Chemistry had selected in the First round Written Examination conducted by “Wespo Job Fair 2020”.

Our students visited “Space 2017” at St.Hindu college ,Nagercoil on Oct 2017.

Our students visited “Science Expo 2017” at scott Christian college,Nagercoil on Oct 2017.

Excursion cum industrial  visiting

The students  of IInd B.Sc, III B.Sc Chemistry  visited Ooty and Mysore.

 The students of II B.Sc. and III B.Sc. Chemistry Visited “Bench Mark Tea Factory” at Ooty on Jan 2020.



i)Assistant professor Mrs.T.Shining vinil priya Participated an International conference on Frontiers in analytical and clinical techniques (INFACT 2019) at Noorul Islam Center for higher education, Kumaracoil. She also Presented Paper in an International conference on emerging trends in Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences(ETMPC 2019) at Noorul Islam Center for higher education, Kumaracoil.

ii) Assistant professor Mrs.J. Jose Hepzin Alis  Presented Paper in the National conference on “Removal of copper using water hyacinth polyaniline hybrid adsorbent” at Annai Velankanni College, Tholayavattam.


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