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Department of mathematics of Noorul Islam College of Arts and Science was established in the academic year mathematics (from mathema, “knowledge, study ,learning”)is the study of topics such as quantity (numbers),structure space and change there is a range of views among mathematics and philosophers as to the exact and definition of mathematics.

Mathematics seeks out patterns and use them to formulate new conjectures mathematicians resolve the truths of falsity of conjectures by mathematical proof. When mathematical structures are good models of real phenomena then mathematical reasoning can provide insight or predictions about nature measurements and the systematic study of the shapes and motions of physical objects, practical mathematics has been a human activity as far back as written records exists the research required to solve mathematical problems can take years or even centuries of sustained inquiry.


To create the awareness about the fundamental competency by providing the essential scientific knowledge and skills so as to be able to become competent and successful in the chosen profession


To facilitate the students to be world class engineers, scientists, Entrepreneurs Academicians.


We believe our students and our performance only can get as our perfect testimonial so our main objective is that to impart quality education to our students with best available facilities it is our greatest objective to obtain consistent and excellent results that would serve as our resume



                                    Programme Name: Mathematics

Programme outcomes:

           On completion of the course, the student will be able to

·         Scientific temper will be developed in students.

·         Students will acquire basic practical skills and technical knowledge along with domain knowledge of different subjects in the science stream.

·         Students will became employable, they will be eligible for carrier  opportunity in industry ,or will be able to opt for entrepreneurship

·         Students will possess basic subject knowledge required for higher studies, professional and applied courses like management studies, laws etc

·         Students will be aware of and able to develop solution oriented approach towards various social and Environmental issues.


Programme Specific Outcomes:


·         A student should be able to recall basic facts about mathematics and should be able to display knowledge of conventions such as notations, terminologies.

·         A student should get adequate exposure to global and local concerns that explore them many aspects of mathematical sciences.

·         Student is equipped with mathematical modeling ability, problem solving skills, creative talent and power of communication necessary for various kinds of employment.

·         Student should be able to apply their skills and knowledge that is translate information presented verbally into mathematical form, select and use appropriate mathematical formulae or techniques in order to process the information and draw the relevant conclusion.

·         Enabling students to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics as an interesting and valuable subject of study programme.


                                   Programme Name: Mathematics

Programme outcomes:

·         Inculcate critical thinking to carry out scientific investigation objectively without being biased with preconceived notations.

·         Equip the student with skills to analyze problems, formulate an hypothesis, evaluate and validate results, and draw reasonable conclusion thereof.

·         Prepare students for pursuing research or careers in industry in mathematical sciences and allied fields.  

·         Imbibe effective scientific and technical communication in both oral and writing.

·         Continue to acquire relevant knowledge and skills appropriate to professional activities and demonstrate highest standards of ethical issues in mathematical sciences.

·         Create awareness to become an enlightened citizen with commitment to deliver one’s responsibilities within the scope of bestowed rights and privileges.

 Programme Specific Outcomes:

·         Understanding of the fundamental axioms in mathematics and capability of developing ideas based on them.

·         Inculcate mathematical reasoning.

·         Prepare and motivate students for search studies in mathematics and related fields.

·         Provide knowledge of a wide range of mathematical techniques and application of mathematical methods/tools in other scientific and engineering domains.

·         Provide advanced knowledge on topics in pure mathematics, empowering the students to pursue higher degrees at reputed academic institutions.

·         Strong foundation on algebraic topology and representation theory which have strong links and application in theoretical physics, in particular string theory.

·         Good understanding of number theory which can be used in modern online cryptographic technologies.

·         Nurture problem solving skills, thinking, creativity through assignments, project work.

·         Assist students in preparing (personal guidance ,books) for competitive exams

 e.g .  NET, GATE, etc.




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