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About the Department

Bachelor of Business     Administration (BBA) is one of the most popular bachelor degree programmes after XII. The BBA Course is the gateway to numerous job opportunities in a plethora of sectors like Marketing, Education, Finance, Sales, Human Resource Management and Government.

VISION: To be a centre of excellence in education and research faster innovation and build socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs.


To enable students develop critical thinking and instill a culture of continuous learning through enlightened learning partnerships.

To equip students to serve as a valuable resource for the industry and the society at large.

To enhance multi-tasking capabilities.

To impact knowledge and entrepreneurial skills for successful career.

To build lite skills through value-based education and service-oriented program. The department of Business Management started in the year 2009. It offers full time cause in Bachelor of Business Administration affiliated to MS university. A Bachelor of business administration is designed to teach fundamental concepts of marketing, accounting, management to know core understanding of business and corporate function



Programme Outcomes

 The Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year degree program that teaches participants the nuances of business administration. They essentially teach students to manage businesses. Providing fundamentals and basics of management and business, the course enables students to understand the dynamics of running a business successfully.

Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor’s degree program that has become one of the most sought after programs by the youth of the country.  This program is so popular that it is slated to overtake the popularity of engineering and other courses.

BBA course helps you work independently by starting your own enterprise. This course doesn’t simply focus on one field in particular. It covers the vast components of management training and education. Thus, it is labelled as a general management course.


  1. ?       Students get in depth understanding of business administration.
  2. ?       A BBA program is the foundation for further studies like MBA.
  3. ?       It gives practical knowledge of corporate business activities.
  4. ?       It improves business related decision making.
  5. ?       It improves business skills.
  6. ?       It provides knowledge of Marketing Strategies.
  7. ?       With corporate and factory visits, it increases understanding for various cycles of business.
  8. ?       It provides leadership skills.
  9. ?       It provides internship with corporate houses leading to good job opportunities.
  10. ?       It improves entrepreneurial skills.
  11. ?       It teaches how to develop a business idea into reality.


Program specific outcome

  • ?       To develop an understanding of terms, facts, concepts pertaining to functions of management.
  • ?       To promote the understanding of various legislations relating to business.
  • ?       To develop the skill required for the preparation of financial statements and accounts of various business areas.
  • ?       To provide an understanding of basic concepts, theories and techniques in the field of human behaviour at the individual, group and organisational levels in the changing global scenario.
  • ?       The students with the basic knowledge of advertising and sales promotion.
  • ?       To provide the students with the basic knowledge of the theory and practice of banking and to provide skill in operating banking transactions.
  • ?       To promote an understanding of the determinants of consumer behaviour.
  • ?       To make them acquire knowledge on the legal aspects in the industries.
  • ?       Providing the students with an understanding of the various financial services available in the country.
  • ?       To familiarize the students with the basic conceptual skills and Applicative domains of Managerial

Other Activities


1)       Best outgoing of the college (UG)

a)        A. Antony Britto – 2012 Batch. Cash Prize Rs 1000.

b)       Jinu Justin – 2014 Batch. Cash Prize Rs 1000.

c)        Sharmil Khan-2016 Batch,Cash Prize Rs 1000.

2)       Department of BBA Student Manu S. Abiraham got best Director award for short film (5000 Cash Prize) on 15-03-2017 conducted by Viscom Department of N.I. Arts College, National Symposium.

3)       B. Mahalekshmi (Bharathanatyam Dancer). She won a Guinness World Record dance event in the year 2016.

4)       Abin Jose – Independent musician – vaa nanba song released in YouTube on September 14 2017 reached 10k + views.

5)       Afsal Khan. B – Rap singer, Oorap paarvayal album song released in February 14 2016, 15k + views on YouTube – freelance Rapper

6)       Manu S. Abraham (Writer and Director)

a)        Iphone – Malayalam short film, released in YouTube on 11th September 2016, 20k + views in YouTube.

b)       Nenjathiye – Tamil musical album released in YouTube on 24th February 2018, 20k + views in YouTube.

7)       Chandru – Dancer

Participated in various stages and got Best Dancer Award.


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